Friday, November 09, 2007

Too Menny People

MLQ3's post tonight on the death of Mariannet Amper, including excerpts from Thomas Hardy that, disregarding details and trivialities, recount almost exactly her unfortunate fate.

All best summed up by little Jude's last pencilled note:

Too menny people, and more added each day, that even decent GDP growth can barely keep up; the country's been treading water for decades.

Too menny priests and bishops opposing contraception, burdening us with too menny unwanted babies and, later on, too menny desperate adults fighting for too few jobs.

Too menny well-meaning people only too willing to give the Church a free pass despite its too unreasonable stand.

Too menny people, period. Doesn't matter if you divide the pie equally. If there are just too menny people, then everyone just starves.

I blame the Catholic Church for this. Had we been able to stabilize our population early on, then our past modest growth might have been enough to give most people jobs and a modicum of dignity. But no, they had to have their souls. And for too long they made it political suicide to promote effective birth control. Now they reap what they've sown.

Every priest and bishop should carry a picture of Mariannet, a memento of the death they've caused.

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