Friday, May 18, 2007

draft: Your senators

(title) The Politics of Disgust

Prior to the last election there was a running discussion on Inquirer Current between John Nery and Manuel Quezon III about the likelihood of a middle class veto.


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Well, the election's come and gone. Does anyone know if the boycott actually happened?

(What I think)
much less middle class participation this time round
only incorrigibles of the enteng romano type voted --> higher than usual proportion going to opposition
so: no middle class mandate for senate
middle class may not care if senate is abolished?
better prospects for charter change?

Exit poll data?
Registration data?
breakdown by demographics
historic data

Other columns to write:

Why your vote doesn't matter
The illegitimacy of the new senate
The need for a new voting system
-- something like the net approval rating in surveys?
The London election system
-- something like that for makati? for the country?
-- at least one vote per person
-- bonus votes for eductional attainment? years as taxpayer?
-- some proxy votes for corporations/investors? tied to number of employees / total investment?
-- principle: the larger the stake, the higher the weight
The utility of the state
-- the state exists for the convenience of the individual, not as an end in itself
-- ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you
-- country shopping perfectly legitimate
-- nations nothing more than brands
-- patrioism == brand loyalty --> irrational
Persona Ingrata
-- rebut jester's piece The Journal of The Jester-in-Exile: Here's to You, Jude Cross (the idiot formerly known as Judas dela Cruz)
The Fall of Pacquiao
-- of two minds
-- good that voters do not automatically choose the celebrity
-- bad that custodio is going back to the House
Blame Cory
-- ref blog comment:
-- the impeachment process is inherently political
-- it's a numbers game by design
-- who designed it?
-- the framers of the 1986 constitution!
-- so: blame cory and her cohorts
The Tyranny of Numbers
-- why is the tyranny of numbers so persistent?
-- choices at the local level
-- two decisions for the voter:
-- A. would he/she like arroyo impeached?
-- B. would he/she let (A) trump local issues?
-- *** packaging of issues (local with national)
-- *** vote as a package / issues are "linked"
-- local issues more important apparently
-- even if preference for impeachment, preference not strong enough to affect local issues
-- local issues favorable to admin by default --> advantage of incumbency
-- task for arroyo: linking to local issue?
-- dilemma for oppo: increasing preference for impeachment --> but: impeachment fatigue
-- so: current spin control just that, spin

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